Environmental Communication


Although companies tend to consider conformance with current legislation as a burden, it can represent an efficient marketing strategy giving them the edge over their competitors.
Today’s stakeholders – customers, bodies and institutions, suppliers – are paying increasing attention to ethical issues and corporate social responsibility (CSR), which are now of key importance in building or consolidating a solid relation of trust with the socio-economic environment.
To ensure that companies’ commitment to environmental responsibility comes to the fore they must ensure that it receives the support of the strategic communication necessary to guarantee the proper visibility. Our firm offers companies specific environmental communication proposals designed to highlight the CSR of companies as well as their role as promoters of awareness-raising messages.
Your environmental communication can also be accompanied by:

Sustainable, low environmental impact events
Our firm can help you organize an event meeting CSR objectives, approaching all aspects –  venue set-up, catering, transport and promotion –  in terms of environmental impact and not just media or economic success:

Eco-friendly printing processes
Our firm can provide companies with an array of eco-friendly solutions for printed documents (such as leaflets, brochures, folders and others) that maintain the highest standards in terms of quality and environmental performance.

Eco-friendly products, green gadgets, natural gifts and much more
The use of “green” promotional products help reinforce your company’s image as an environmentally friendly enterprise with an ethical sustainable approach.  We can provide you with useful advice and support in choosing eco-friendly products and gadgets.

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